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Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America

Breeding Code of Ethics


  1. To abide by the ASDCA By-Laws and the rules and regulations of the America Kennel Club.

  2. That all advertising shall be honest and not in any way misrepresenting, fraudulent, or misleading.

  3. To maintain the highest standards of canine health, cleanliness, and care.

  4. That no ASD will be knowingly sold to franchised commercial facilities, puppy brokers, puppy mills, or agents.  No stud dog will be knowingly bred to any bitch shoes owner who is directly or indirectly involved with any puppy broker, puppy mill, or any other commercial enterprise whose business is involved in like activities.  No ASD will be sold or donated to research laboratory.  No dog will be offered as a prize or sold at auction.

  5. All breeding done will be with the intentions of improving the breed and never for purely commercial reasons.

  6. All breeding dogs/bitches must be certified radiographic free of hip dysplasia at age 2 or more by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or a comparable agency.  Copies of this certification to be provided to puppy buyers, upon request.

  7. All breeding Bitches and Dogs should be physically mature and at least two years of age with no disqualifying faults per the AKC Standard.   Bitches should not be bred two heats in a row without veterinary approval.

  8. Puppies will not be shipped before 8 weeks of age.

  9. To realistically evaluate all puppies and to sell or place all non-breeding ASD on spay/neuter contracts with limited registration papers (offspring non-registerable).

  10. To take responsibility for all offspring produced in my breeding program and to assist in their lifetime placements and re-homing if necessary

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